Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS)
This type of foam, better known as EPS or Airpop, was previously also called styrofoam. It is
strong and offers good protection for a product. Because it consists of 98% air and 2% plastic
polystyrene, it is extremely lightweight.

Advantages of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS)
o strong
o insulating
o lightweight
o insensitive to moisture and very hygienic
o strong, pressure-resistant and has a high shock-absorbing capacity
o easy to recycle

Suitable for
o simple padding in packaging
o supporting structure in furniture, like in a pouffe
o insulation and padding in building structures
o entire interiors for industrial packaging

Because every product requires a different type of packaging, we process EPS in different
densities. We determine this by means of drop tests.

Small and large series of EPS
Small series and simple products are manufactured manually or by computer-controlled
cutting machines.
Large series and complex products are manufactured using aluminium moulds.

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