Foam rubber and soft foams
At Van der Heijden Nederland Verpakkingen BV we have a diverse selection of foam
qualities. Our various machining methods allow us to produce any shape you can imagine.
We use various processing methods, such as cutting, sawing, die-cutting, thermal bonding,
3D shape cutting, high-pressure water cutting, plotting and glueing.

At Van der Heijden Nederland Verpakkingen BV, we are not limited to producing packaging.
Foam can also be used for many different applications:
o padding (hard foam block)
o temperature insulation (EPS in cool box)
o sound insulation (bubble foam in sound studio)
o damping vibrations (dampers under heavy equipment)
o sealing (gaskets)
o cleaning (sponges)
o protection (PE film as protection against scratches)
o decoration (styrofoam letters)
o absorbing impact (for buffer packaging)
o presentation (as interior in a case)

Additional options with foam rubber and soft foaming
o Optional anti-static effect for protection against static electricity.
o Optional self-adhesive layer to save assembly time and costs.
o We serve every customer; whether you order one or several thousand products.
o Wide range of colours possible, which also makes your packaging visually attractive.
o Option to print a company logoon various types of foam, for example.

Van der Heijden Nederland


Denken in oplossingen dat is wat wij bij Van der Heijden doen met meer dan dertig jaar ervaring en de garantie dat onze oplossing voor een verpakking ook voor u is. Dit doen we alles onder één dak in Eersel.


Lange Voren 14, 5521 DD
Eersel, Nederland

Tel: +31(0)40 230 81 81

KVK: 17215146

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