Van der Heijden Nederland Verpakkingen BV develops packaging and other products, including cardboard and foam, but is also primarily a production company. From outer box to interior,  a model is made before it goes into production for a new packaging design. This allows the customer to try it out and subject it to the necessary tests. On approval, the necessary tools are ordered and production can commence.

In-house production

With design and production under one roof, the communication lines between designers and production are short. This allows us to respond to the available stock and standard materials, in order to keep production as fast and cheap as possible. Depending on the requirements of the product, different production methods can be used to achieve the desired result. Our machine park consisting of machines from Fecken-Kirfel, Baümer, Zund and Megaplot enable us to produce any packaging. For example by plotting, die-cutting, sawing, 3D shape cutting, CNC cutting or water cutting. Each production process has its own advantages and disadvantages.

From small to large
Whether it concerns small numbers or large numbers, Van der Heijden is here to help. Due to extensive production equipment, we can opt for advantageous production for any size order. Low production numbers with a die-cutter can be beneficial for example, especially with a view on potential repeat orders.  And sometimes it’s better to produce with a cutting plotter for large numbers.

Delivery time
We have many materials in stock, allowing us to quickly adjust when necessary. It can always happen that a customer forgets an order. In that case we will do everything we can to offer a helping hand.

Do you want more information? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

Van der Heijden Nederland


Denken in oplossingen dat is wat wij bij Van der Heijden doen met meer dan dertig jaar ervaring en de garantie dat onze oplossing voor een verpakking ook voor uw is. Dit doen we alles onder één dak in Eersel.


Lange Voren 14, 5521 DD
Eersel, Nederland

Phone: +31(0)40 230 81 81

KVK: 17215146

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