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Good packaging is indispensable for optimal protection. At Van der Heijden Nederland Verpakkingen BV, we know this like no other. The most suitable material for your product is therefore extensively researched.

The most optimal packaging for your product is determined based on the G-value. This is the gravitational acceleration that a product can handle without breaking. The more fragile the product, the smaller the value. Machines and transformers are quite insensitive and can withstand a G-value between 100 and 200, unlike electrical devices that can only survive an acceleration of just 15 to 25 G without damage due to their extreme sensitivity.

Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS)                                                                                                      o dimensionally stable and lightweight                                                                                                

o insulating and high shock absorption capacity                                                                                  

o insensitive to moisture and resistant to UV radiation                                                                    

o complete 3D design flexibility                                                                                                           

o EPS for single use
o production by 2D cutting machines or as a moulded part

Polyethylene foam (non cross-linked PE)
o waterproof and moisture resistant                                                                                                    

o for shock and vibration-resistant packaging of sensitive equipment
o available in pure form and various additives (anti-static, colours)                                                                                          

o available in a variety of hardnesses and densities (from 17 kg/m³ to 65 kg/m³)                      

o available in sheet and any desired (block) shape due to different production methods: cutting, milling, die-cutting, cutting, plotting, hot-sealing                                                                

o recyclable

Cross-linked PE foam
o ideal for presentations or reusable packaging                                                                                 

o polyethylene foam with fine closed cell structure                                                                         

o available in different colours, with a density of 18 to 70 kg/m³                                                    

o also as ESD foam (electro-static discharge) to protect electronic components

Polyurethane foam (PU)                                                                                

o ideal for packaging lighter products                                                                                                   o 2 types available: foam on a polyether basis(PT) or on a polyester basis(PS)                           

o highly compressible soft foam                                                                                                          

o very flexible and in various densities (17 kg/m³ to 60 kg/m³ )
o available in various colours
o visually more attractive, for example as black fine-cell filter foam
o die-cut, loose parts can be glued
o shapes and depths can be cut to size

Polypress (PP)                                                                                                                    

o material manufactured from recycled PU foam flakes (with glue)                                                

o acoustic insulation properties o excellent thermal insulation values                                         

o available between 50 and 200 kg/m³                                                                                                 o colour is variable, depending on the colours of the recycled foam                                          

o especially suitable for construction, automotive industry and shipbuilding


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